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Dr. Omar Lugo

Conoce lo que el Dr. Lugo puede hacer por ti

El Dr. Omar Lugo es un cirujano maxilofacial con amplia experiencia y las mejores credenciales en todo México. Atendiendo a pacientes de todas partes del país, Estados Unidos y Canadá, ha conseguido recuperar cientos de sonrisas, empleando procedimientos integrales, así como  técnicas avanzadas en implantología resolviendo con éxito casos complejos  en la industria de la salud dental.

Actualmente, es uno de los pocos expertos en México capaces de realizar el procedimiento de implantes cigomáticos y transnasales para la  rehabilitación de arcadas dentales completas en pacientes que presentan perdidas óseas severas y que no han podido ser tratados, así como el diagnostico y tratamiento de distintas patologías que involucran los tejidos de la region oral y maxilofacial.

Servicios destacados

En la clínica del Dr. Lugo tus necesidades, objetivos y confort son nuestra prioridad. Por ello, nuestros servicios de cuidado dental son realizados con el máximo cuidado para una pronta recuperación.

Cirugía bucal

Incluye el diagnóstico y tratamiento quirurgico de las patologias, anomalias y lesiones dentro de la cavidad oral y los tejidos contenidos en ella.


Los implantes dentales son la mejor solución para remplazar los dientes que se han perdido y así recuperar la estética y función dental.

All on 4

El concepto de all on 4 es una solución accesible que permite la colocación de una protesís fija de la arcada completa superior e inferior soportada sobre cuatro implantes dentales.

¿Por qué somos los mejores?

Nuestra filosofía centrada en superar las expectativas de nuestros pacientes, nos lleva a mejorar todos los días nuestros servicios y nivel de especialización, asi como realizar los tratamientos en el mas corto tiempo posible con resultados satisfactorios y garantizados.

Sedation dentistry

Cad Cam lab in house


avanzada dental


Jenifer Tococh JuarezJenifer Tococh Juarez
01:22 19 Aug 23
The best attention from Dr. Monse, super professional, I highly recommend them.The best experience I had at the dentist 💖They really made me feel safe and confident, a place with the latest technology. It didn't hurt at all, just the best treatment I've received. I am very grateful to Dr. Omar and his team.
Everything perfect with my implants and my new teeth. Excellent service, I highly recommend it, thank you Dr Lugo and his entire team,😃
Excellent service 100% I recommend Dr Lugo zero pain in my wisdom teeth surgery 👍👍
Keiron FineganKeiron Finegan
20:44 10 Aug 23
Amazing! Worth every penny. I did a lot of research before selecting this clinic. Dr. Omar Lugo and also Dr. Monserrat Rosas Garcia do great work. Initially I was on the fence about medical tourism but from the beginning the clinic communicated very well, made me feel comfortable and they always tell you everything that's going on and what the next steps would be. Coming from the US, I stayed within walking distance to the clinic, the place is very safe & clean. The staff is top notch and very nice! I was picked up & dropped off to the airport. The implant process does require 2 trips (I knew this ahead of time), the first is the actual surgery which went a lot smoother than I expected and the recovery wasn't bad. I would advise you to PLEASE follow their care instructions on what you should & shouldn't do while you're healing. I'm extremely happy with the results and if you're thinking about getting work done, I would DEFINITELY recommend this place. Thank you Dr. Lugo & Team for giving me my smile back!
claudia Aristaclaudia Arista
21:59 26 Jul 23
The best of the best 100% recommended Dr. Omar Lugo was first of all a great human being and an even better professional... with a team of high-level professionals.My experience and testimony the best of the best ... I come from miami fl and I feel happy and grateful for the service and your attention to people who, like me, had any questions can contact me to tell them personally about my experience and thank you very much dr. omar lugo
Marlana HitchingsMarlana Hitchings
05:02 26 Jun 23
Absolutely Amazing Experience! I done lots of research before deciding to go for dental work. I felt that I wasn’t getting the quality of care I needed in the US and the cost was so high I felt like there was nothing anyone could do. After researching for 6 months I met Dr. Omar Lugo and Robyn. The professionalism and quality of care I received before even deciding to be a patient was above superb. From weekly FaceTime calls to late night questions being answered and never once pressuring me to schedule. When I finally decided to have my dental work done Robyn helped me every step of the way. I was so unsure about coming by myself but they made sure I felt safe and secure. I even adventured out on my own. My procedure was done by his amazing team and so well that I didn’t really experience pain only discomfort. I was prepared for the worse but the outcome was great! They saw me everyday until went home just to make sure nothing went wrong! I will be referring anyone and everyone who needs amazing quality dental work to him and his team. I usually don’t leave reviews but felt I needed to just from the care I received! I felt Dr Lugo was upfront and honest about what I needed done and made sure I understood and was happy with any decision his team made without making any short cuts or quick fixes. He truly is remarkable!
jaime Pelhamjaime Pelham
23:20 10 Apr 23
This doctor is an amazing surgeon. I had a sinus lift and nine implants plus a root canal and my experience there was better than any experience I have ever had any dentists in the United States. It was obvious from meeting him. He has experience and education backing him up. He is so smart! All of the staff was wonderful and took great care of me. I also have a medical condition that requires extra care so they put me out to do the surgery. I was in minor discomfort but only for a day and my implants healed in like 2 Months Way earlier than expected. Do not hesitate you won’t be disappointed. Thank you so much, Dr Lugo!
Angela WestfallAngela Westfall
12:44 03 Apr 23
I can’t express how happy I am with Dr. Omar Lugo and his staff. I finalized my second stage, to get my Zirconium all-on-four, set of teeth on Friday, March 31, 2023. They made the process easy to navigate, I never felt as if they didn’t listen to my concerns, and they worked with me to accommodate a severe bruxism issue. I would recommend this facility to anyone looking for affordable and top notch dental work.
John SloanJohn Sloan
23:46 23 Mar 23
This is the best Dental Clinic in all of Mexico. Dr. Lugo and his staff are very professional. His office is very clean and has all of the up to date equipment needed to do any type of dental work you may need. If you are an English speaking patient like me then you don’t have to worry because everyone can speak English there. I came for the full mouth all on 4 procedure and I am very happy with the results. They took very good care of me and made me feel very comfortable. They do very good work… my teeth are perfect now. I would recommend them to anyone.
611 Racing611 Racing
12:57 17 Mar 23
This review is for for Dr. Omar Lugo and for Dr. Karla. Traveled here from the US to be able to afford all on 6 upper and lower arches with zirconia permanents. It was a great decision. I did a lot of research and decided this would be the best place to go. I did not choose wrong. Dr Omar Lugo made the procedure as smooth and painless as possible. And Dr Karla and her assistant Adilene spent countless hours working on my prosthesis. If you are coming here from the US or Canada you will get a ride to and from the airport and if you are getting anesthesia you will be brought back to your hotel safely when you recover. Not to mention you will be in Cancun which is tropical paradise with beautiful warm beaches and a million things to do. Feel free to ask the office for my info and I will answer any questions you have as I would like others from the US or Canada to get the treatment they deserve. ask the office for Jareds email address.
zaki gasemzaki gasem
12:43 10 Mar 23
I came to Mexico to do implants . I had earlier appointments with few clinics in Cancun and Playa del Carmen . On my way to a normal shopping , I saw Dr . Omar clinic . I am glad that I walked in and extremely lucky that he had time to see me same day . He had his own X-ray ( not like other clinics who sent me to other laboratory for X-rays ) . I was impressed by his presentation . He explained to me in details how he was going to do surgery ( all on 5 implants ) . He showed me the materials he was going to use and preferred method. I was surprised of the cost also and I made appointment on the spot to do the surgery following day . It was smooth , painless and went to great recovery in 2 days . I guess Dr. Omar had and angle touch . I don’t want to forget that he will see you and routinely check your status any time with no extra cost . I strongly recommend dr Omar if you are looking to do implants . He is simply the best in this area .Thanks to Dr clinic and his staff for helping getting back my smile .
22:11 09 Mar 23
Where to start. Found the clinic via WhatClinic. I was contacted by Robyn. She is an awesome person. She explained all the process and even let me talk to Dr Lugo. Once I arrived the dental was been so helpful to regain my smile. I got crowns and Dr Karla and her assistant was super helpful.Dr. Maria Who did my root canal was so gentle felt like my mom was there doing all this works. 🤌🏼 I am leaving smile in my face with the work the dental has provided. I Will thanks everyone in this dental 🦷 and will recommend everyone.Sincerely,Lax

La satisfacción de nuestros pacientes es la prioridad #1

En Top Smile, nos aseguramos de siempre informar a nuestros pacientes sobre los procedimientos a realizar, guiarlos a una pronta recuperación y motivarlos a contagiar su nueva forma de sonreir.

mujer sonriente con implante dental all-on-four


La técnica de All on 4 mediante la colocación de implantes dentales permite al paciente devolver la estética dental y facial así como la función de la masticación cuando se han perdido los dientes, en esta técnica se colocan cuatro implantes dentales con una angulación  y dstribución en el arco dental que permite realizar la colocación inmediata de prótesis totales atornilladas, mejorando la calidad de vida de los pacientes que realizan este tratamiento.  

Debe de ser realizado por un cirujano maxilofacial certificado y con experiencia en implantes dentales, así como un especialista en rehabilitación dental,  trabajando en conjunto estos dos especialidades garantizan el éxito y disminuyen el indice de complicaciones en el tratamiento, se puede realizar la cirugía con anestesia local, y en muchos casos también se puede realizar bajo sedación consciente con el apoyo del anestesiologo ,se buscan sitios de anclaje óseo en los maxilares para evitar el uso de injertos óseos ademas se logra una adecuada estabilidad en los implantes lo que permite realizar la colocación de prótesis dentales atornilladas,  para que el  paciente se sienta mas cómodo durante el tiempo de oseintegración el cual es de tres meses para que se pueda llevar acabo la colocación de la prótesis final. 

Los implantes dentales deben ser colocados dentro del hueso alveolar de los maxilares, es necesario tener en cuenta las diferentes estructuras anatómicas, para evitar complicaciones, por lo cual la experiencia del cirujano es de suma importancia para llevar acabo el procedimiento de forma segura, existen herramientas tecnológicas como el uso de guías quirúrgicas que hacen que la cirugía sea mas exacta y le permita al cirujano hacer abordajes quirúrgicos de menor invasion, lo cual beneficia al paciente durante su periodo posterior a la cirugía. 

Es importante acudir a una primera valoración para determinar las indicaciones previas a cirugía ya que cada caso se debe atender de forma individual, la mayoría de las veces solicitamos estudios de sangre de rutina para evitar complicaciones quirúrgicas y en casos especiales se requiere de interconsulta con otros medicos especialistas  para hacer que el procedimiento sea seguro para el paciente. 

Esto depende del tipo de cirugía que se realice, así como de la habilidad y experiencia del cirujano , pero normalmente los rangos de tiempo en cirugía son de 30 min  hasta 3 horas, es importante acudir con profesionales certificados para evitar complicaciones durante o después de la cirugía, y se llegan a presentar saber que el cirujano tiene la capacidad de resolverlas. 

No existe una edad especifica para llevar acabo una cirugía, mas bien depende del tipo de patología que se presente y amerite un tratamiento quirúrgico, existen patologías que se presentan a edad temprana y otras que aparecen durante el crecimiento y desarrollo del paciente. Lo importante es seguir los protocolos de diagnostico y planeación de la cirugía así como asegurar el adecuado estado de salud general por parte del paciente o si existen enfermedades previas, verificar que se encuentren bajo tratamiento medico y bajo control para evitar complicaciones.

No existe tratamiento que perdure para toda la vida, sin embargo los implantes dentales son la mejor herramienta para sustituir los dientes perdidos, reportando hasta un 98% en la tasa de éxito devolviendo función y estética a los pacientes, se recomienda acudir a citas de control para realizar un adecuado seguimiento y monitorización de los tejidos que están en relación con los implantes  dentales, así como el tipo de prótesis que se utilice en cada caso para poder garantizar una larga vida de duración y éxíto en este tipo de tratamientos.

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