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Dental implants in Cancún
The Best Option of Your Smile!

We design and rehabilitate your smile with the best technology in dental implants in Cancun, with extensive experience in All on 4 in Mexico.

ALL - ON - 4

We use dental implants in Cancun to rehabilitate full arches in patients who certainly do not have any teeth or who need to extract their teeth because they are no longer possible to restore with other dental treatments.


Normally 4 dental implants are placed with the classical technique, but certainly on occasions a 5th or 6th implant can be placed more. If you have previously lost all your teeth, the upper and lower All-on-4 technique will be a good solution.
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Another option to dental implants in Cancun, depending on the needs of each of our patients, are bridges that certainly rehabilitate dental function by replacing missing teeth, as a result you can chew and speak without worrying that your restoration will get out of place or look unnatural.


Zirconia restorations are certainly placed on dental implants, as a result they help restore the function and aesthetics of the oral cavity. Dental implants stimulate bone metabolism, in short, it preserves its level, avoiding future resorptions.
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We have one of the most experienced surgeons in this technique, providing this treatment daily to patients suffering from severe bone loss.


Our Board Certified Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, Dr. Omar Lugo, has never turned away a patient despite having bone loss. Thanks to modern advances in the field of zygomatic implants, patients who have previously been told that they are not candidates for conventional dental implants or who must settle for removable dentures can be successfully treated with just surgery.
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If you are missing a single tooth certainly a dental implant and crown can replace it. In short, a dental implant replaces the root of a missing tooth and can support a screw-retained dental crown.


Dental implants certainly offer several advantages over other tooth replacement options. In addition to looking and functioning like a natural tooth, a dental implant replaces a single tooth as a result without sacrificing the health of neighboring teeth.
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Certainly over time, your teeth can become damaged. This can occur for a number of reasons, such as cavities, infectious lesions, or simply prolonged use. As a result, your teeth may lose their shape or size.


In short think of it as a solution to restore your tooth naturally. Certainly the crown restores the anatomy, size, strength and aesthetics of the missing tooth.
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For patients who are missing two or more consecutive teeth, a dental implant bridge can certainly provide a natural-looking and comfortable solution with many important benefits.


Implant-supported bridges are certainly very similar to traditional bridges. They are screwed or cemented to the osseointegrated implants to lighten without the need to wear down the adjacent teeth.
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We are unique for you!

Your procedure is unique

Dr. Omar Lugo will plan your case in a personalized way, and will analyze how the bone is in height, width and bone density.

Say goodbye to pain

Successfully treat chronic jaw pain and open bite, restore the naturalness of your bite and your confidence when smiling.

A natural aesthetic

Your dental pieces will look and feel natural and with an appearance according to your face.

Improve quality of life

If you have lost your teeth, an upper and lower All-on-4 will be a good solution,

Before after Dental Implants in Cancún

It takes just a few steps to create a new smile with All-on-4 implants. The procedure is divided into two stages (trips): Surgical (6 days) and Restorative (10 days).

Why are we the best?

Our philosophy focused on exceeding the expectations of our patients, leads us to improve our services and level of specialization in dental implants every day and live the smiles of our patients.

Our experience in advanced procedures in dental implants in Cancun.

Sedation dentistry

Cad Cam lab in house

Specialized doctors

Advanced dental technology

Transparent prices

Excellent location

Dental Implats

It is important to follow the instructions indicated by the surgeon to the letter, avoid the consumption of alcohol and tobacco, maintain adequate oral hygiene, avoid making high-demand physical efforts, take medications as indicated and go to your control appointment.

After oral and/or maxillofacial surgery, it is recommended to sleep with pillows on your back in a semi-sitting position, and apply ice to the facial region in order to reduce inflammation that occurs after surgery.

For the prevention of bad dental positions it is recommended to go to a dental office in early stages of our age, which is when the eruption of permanent teeth occurs, it is important to carry out evaluations by means of radiographic images to observe the position of the teeth, as well How to make an adequate diagnosis and treatment of maxillary orthopedics and orthodontics if necessary.

Patients suffering from type 1 and/or 2 diabetes, it is important that they keep glucose levels controlled to avoid complications in healing after surgery as well as the rejection of dental implants that are placed, a patient who generally maintains adequate glycemic control It does not present complications to perform dental implant surgery.

It is important to go to a first assessment to determine the indications prior to surgery since each case must be addressed individually, most of the time we request routine blood tests to avoid surgical complications and in special cases consultation with others is required. specialist doctors to make the procedure safe for the patient.

This depends on the type of surgery that is performed, as well as the skill and experience of the surgeon, but normally the time ranges in surgery are from 30 min to 3 hours. It is important to see certified professionals to avoid complications during or after surgery. surgery, and they come to know that the surgeon has the ability to solve them.

There is no specific age to carry out surgery, rather it depends on the type of pathology that is present and requires surgical treatment, there are pathologies that appear at an early age and others that appear during the growth and development of the patient. The important thing is to follow the diagnosis and planning protocols for surgery, as well as to ensure the adequate state of general health on the part of the patient or, if there are previous diseases, to verify that they are under medical treatment and under control to avoid complications.

There is no treatment that lasts for life, however dental implants are the best tool to replace missing teeth, reporting up to 98% in the success rate, restoring function and aesthetics to patients, it is recommended to go to control appointments to carry out an adequate follow-up and monitoring of the tissues that are related to dental implants, as well as the type of prosthesis used in each case in order to guarantee a long life and success in this type of treatment.

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