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What is periodontal disease?

Periodontics is the area of Dentistry that is responsible for the study, prevention and treatment of pathologies that affect the tissues that protect, surround and support the teeth: gums, alveolar bone, periodontal ligament and root cementum.

Periodontal lesions are caused by the accumulation of bacteria causing alterations in the periodontal area, these if not properly treated causing conditions that gradually progress causing tooth loss and opening severe diseases for our body.

La enfermedad periodontal afecta los tejidos de soporte de los dientes, causando movilidad y perdida dental, los implantes dentales son una excelente opción para devolver la función y estética que se ven afectadas debido a esta enfermedad.
La enfermedad periodontal afecta los tejidos de soporte de los dientes, causando movilidad y perdida dental, los implantes dentales son una excelente opción para devolver la función y estética que se ven afectadas debido a esta enfermedad.

Periodontal disease.

Periodontal disease is a chronic pathology, which encompasses outbreaks with minimal symptoms and can lead to the loss of support for the teeth, that is, to the destruction of the gums and the bone that support the teeth.

The best recommendation to prevent this type of disease in general is a frequent visit to the dentist, to check the correct formation of the dental pieces, hygiene and dental health and of the gums themselves.

Se utilizan radiografías como estudios complementarios para realizar un adecuado diagnóstico de la enfermedad periodontal.

The two types of periodontal diseases


This is the initial phase of periodontal disease, which is caused by the accumulation of bacterial plaque. Plaque is made up of bacteria and debris that sticks to teeth. If it is not removed correctly, it turns into tartar, which irritates and inflames the gums. The most frequent symptoms are reddening of the area and bleeding gums. Gingivitis is a reversible condition, but if it is not treated properly, it could progress and become periodontitis.


It is the phase resulting from Gingivitis, a serious and irreversible periodontal disease, which affects between 15% and 20% of adults between the ages of 35 and 44, according to the World Health Organization. 

This pathology, unlike gingivitis, is characterized by the structural loss of the attachment apparatus. Periodontitis is the main reason for tooth loss in adults. This disorder is not common in children, but its presence increases during adolescence.

Periodontal Pockets
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Tooth sensitivity to cold

Gum inflammation

Discomfort when chewing

Persistent bad breath


There are risk factors that can prevent pathology or increase it, so it is important to consider and discuss it at your dental appointment.

Inadequate oral hygiene

Crowding and other dental malposition problems can make it difficult to perform a complete daily oral cleaning.

Genetic predisposition

Genetic disposition also play a role in susceptibility to periodontitis diseases, the loss of dental pieces is higher if there is smoking.


This is one of the habits that are not beneficial and the main risk, which affects the prevalence and progression of periodontitis and interferes with tissue healing.


Certain habits can be a risk factor for periodontal health due to the consumption of inappropriate foods, the consumption of alcohol and other substances.

What is an Endodontics?

Procedure that aims to preserve damaged dental pieces, thus avoiding their loss. To do this, the dental pulp or nerve is extracted and the resulting cavity is filled and sealed with inert and biocompatible material.

endodoncia o rootcanal, es un procedimiento donde se extraen los nervios comprometidos por una infección y causan molestia o sensibilidad.

You won't notice the difference

Your perfect piece

We make sure that your new dental piece will be totally similar to your natural teeth.

We sculpt your perfect tooth

We have a laboratory at home

All our designed smiles are made in our own dental laboratory at home (Cad Cam Lab in House).

Your procedure without pain

Pain treatment

We have the necessary equipment to minimize your pain and discomfort.

We find the treatment for you

The most widely used dental treatment at Top Smile, our specialists save the tooth and rebuild it so that the tooth looks perfect. Caries is one of the main causes of oral conditions.

Types of endodontics.

Single root canal

Performed on those teeth that only have one root, they are usually the ones (incisors and canines).

Biradicular endodontics

This procedure is performed on teeth with two canals, such as (lower molars and upper second premolars.

Multiroot Endodontics

It is carried out on teeth with three or more canals (upper molars).

Endodontics and Eeriodontics

One of the recommendations is to avoid harmful habits such as smoking, have better oral and dental hygiene and go to a dental specialist to avoid extra diseases, it is recommended once a year or every 6 months.

It has to be evaluated by a specialist. But if you have discomfort when biting, sensitivity to cold or heat, you most likely need a root canal.

Daily dental cleaning after each meal, flossing and annual cleaning every year.

About 45 minutes approximately.

This procedure is performed under anesthesia and the patient does not feel discomfort during and painkillers are prescribed afterwards, the complete treatment varies between patients and conditions.

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