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First visit to the dentist

It is recommended that children’s first dental check-up occurs when they are in their first years of life. In it, the dentist will check the growth of the maxilla and jaw, the correct eruption of the teeth and will rule out the presence of pathologies such as caries.

In addition, parents will be able to receive information on how to ensure that their children acquire proper oral health, they will answer questions about hygiene and tooth brushing, as well as issues related to certain practices that may be detrimental to the correct oral development of the child.

The stage from 0 to 3 years is considered preventive. If there are no problems, an annual visit is recommended. However, from the age of 5, during the replacement period, it is advisable to check every 6 months.

Se recomienda que la primera revisión dental de los niños se produzca cuando se haya cumplido el primer año de vida. Dr Omar Lugo

Pediatric Dentistry Treatments

Groove and fissure sealants

In order to protect children from caries, this method is used which fills the fissures on the surface of the teeth to prevent caries.


Pulpectomy is a treatment similar to endodontics that is performed in adults, but with the difference that the caries affects a milk tooth.

Fluoride application

This method is carried out to strengthen tooth enamel and prevent caries.


This treatment is performed to correct alterations or abnormalities in bone or dental development that may exist in the child's oral cavity.

Pediatric Dentistry

He is screened for cavities and parents are instructed in brushing techniques.

The ideal is from the age of 6 since both problems of lack of spaces and bone problems (open bite, jaw more advanced than the maxilla or vice versa) can be corrected.

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